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Manufactured washing machine bases/pedestals.

Shermans Welding & Maintenance Inc., Page2

Business ph:  (904)-731-3460, Fax:   (904)-731-7338, our Email address:

Disclaimer:  All prices listed below are based on 6 inch channel single base unless otherwise stated, and are subject to change depending on the price of steel.  All bases listed below are available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12 inch channel, and bases can be built for single, double, triple and quad base, not exceeding 120 inches.  DISTRIBUTORS:   Prices are negotiable in quantity.

Washing Machine bases/pedestals we manufacture:

Bases not listed can be fabricated from prints.

Table of Contents
Section 1.   BMC
Section 2.   Continental
Section 3.   Dexter
Section 4.   Huebsch
Section 5.   Ipso
Section 6.   Maytag
Section 7.   Milnor
Section 8.   SC
Section 9.   Speed Queen
Section 10. UniMac
Section 11. Wascomat

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1.  BMC

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3.  Dexter

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4.  Huebsch

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5.  Ipso

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9.  Milnor

A Milnor MWR09E5

mwr09e5.jpg (22101 bytes)

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9.  SC

An SC-50 machine base

SC50.jpg (12463 bytes)

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11.  Speed Queen

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12. Wascomat

A Six-pack of W125 baseses

W125.jpg (14138 bytes)

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