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Shermans Welding & Maintenance Company
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Trailers, trailers and more trailors !
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Repair and Modification to a boat trailer.

sprite21.jpg (37013 bytes)

The Fenders were straightened and rewelded, eight of 14 board holders were replaced.  Also, boat guide brackets with plates were added to the rear of the trailer.  Customer then had the trailer sandblasted and painted.


Barbeque concession stand trailer.

bbqtrl.jpg (38249 bytes)

This hand made customer trailer is 16 feet long by 7 1/2 foot wide and 8 foot high.  This trailer has a steel frame, and an aluminum body, with a 5000 pound axle with brakes and lights.


A different style Barbeque concession stand trailer.  Enjoy !

bbqconcestrl.jpg (83806 bytes)

This trailer is 16 ft long, 7 1'2 ft wide and 8 ft high.  Steel frame, steel body with a 5000 pound axle with brakes and lights.



Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts here !

Specially made trailer for selling hot boiled peanuts.

peanuts.jpg (29667 bytes) nutside.jpg (15503 bytes)

This trailer is 8 ft long x 5 ft wide x 6 ft tall.   Vendor can sell peanuts from both sides and the rear of the trailer.

Inside this trailer contains all the necessary gas operated equipment for boiling peanuts.  A water reservoir, hot-stove, cabinets for condiments, etc.



Custom built trailer for the sophisticated conniseur of  alcohol and barbeque.

gnat.jpg (105353 bytes)

This trailer is 16 feet by 7 feet wide.  Made of a steel frame, aluminum skin with fridge, gas operated stove and cabinets for condiments and inventory.



Custom built shelving for a box truck vending vehicle.

shelves.jpg (59344 bytes)

Steel frame mesh construction.  Perfect for what the customer needed.


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