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Shermans Welding & Maintenance Incorporated
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Manufacture of

D.O.T. Soil plates, T-stands (temporary Road signs):  6",8" and 10" Wall barrier brackets.

D.O.T. road sign Soil Plate.

D.O.T. Temporary sign post.

Pricing per 100, US $

soilplate.jpg (16312 bytes) tmprdsgn.jpg (22224 bytes)

Soil plates

$3.40 ea


$11.00 ea

Wall barrier brackets  6"

$4.35 ea

8' brackets

$4.85 ea

10" brackets

$5.62 ea


6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch wall barrier brackets.

wallbarbrkt.jpg (20976 bytes)


And, we also fabricate custom sign brackets for bridges and overpasses.

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